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wainoh Question:
Hey don't worry, you have plenty. I could scroll through them all night (I really wanted to reblog like all of them but I didn't want to seem like a creeper) :)

Haha reblog as many as you want!!! (also, I don’t want to seem like a bitch but i did see you followed my main blog and i do for sure wanna follow back but i already have a ton of blogs I’m following :/ If i unfollow some people though I’ll go to you first!!!)

wainoh Question:
You're welcome, man.

I put up some more edits and hopefully I’m going to get some more done soon (i’ve just been lazy and stuff so there’s that haha)

wainoh Question:
Your edits are WONDERFUL

AHHH WHAT??? Thank you :D I’ve been meaning to edit some more but I kinda fell off the grid so i have to get back into it again…I promise more will come!!! Thank you though!